Bua and Flexee saddle

Flexee sadel

Flexee Saddle

Heather Moffet's amazing FlexEE saddles are ready in the store.

Heather is known for nerding the rider's upright position and seat, and has designed the saddle so that it is easy for the rider to sit optimally and balancing on the horse.

The saddles are available in a leather and a plastic version at prices between SEK 5500 and SEK 8700- The prices may vary slightly depending on the price of the British pound at the time of delivery.


The saddles are built on a leather boom and can be used with or without the head spring.

Can be made with extra short installation surface. That is, a 17 'saddle is available with seat cushions of length with a 16' 'saddle.

The saddle pads are stuffed with wool and have wool facing the horse to make the saddle extra breathable.

Fantastic fit on the horses.

Available in the models Dressage, VSD (dressage for dressage) and GP (combi)

Bua Sadel

Bua Saddle

The exciting innovative Bua saddles have arrived.

The price regardless of the model is 15,000 Kr.

Available in spring, hatchback and dressage in completely black or in "interesting" colors.


The saddles are currently only available in one size - equivalent to about 17 / 17.5 ''. The saddle pads are about 50 cm

long, but only about 45 cm in the weight bearing surface.


The innovative suspension saddle boom, where there is a "ski" on each side of the spine, then

The saddle pads can move individually so that the saddle can follow the horse's movements too

trot. The seat is separated from the lower part of the saddle so that a total suspension occurs.

which spares both horse and rider.