About Flexisadler

Flexisadler is a small one-man company that sells bomeless and flexible saddles, Spanish boots, functional riding equipment and hand-picked items and cases that I think will be nice to use.

In 2008 I bought a lusitano home from Portugal. It had an extremely short back and was very sensitive. I already had an Icelander with an extremely wide back and big shoulders. Enough to date the most horizontal back I have seen on a horse. The angle of a possible. the cup remover would be very close to 180 degrees - that is, horizontal.

There began my own saddle challenges and it soon became clear to me that ordinary boomerangs were not the way forward. I therefore began to investigate the market for bomless and flexible saddles. For a long time I nerded and fell at some point over Hidalgo Sattel's website. She searched for dealers throughout the world.

Since I didn't have a lot of money to do well I thought it might be a great way to buy a cheap saddle that might even fit both my horses, and then I could use my experiences from the bombless market for the benefit of others .

Now I spent a long time putting myself into everything about saddles and saddle adaptation. Not that I have a diploma. But has really used a lot of gunpowder on both the theoretical part and especially on observing horses, and how they move with and without saddle and what happens when the horse is bothered in his movements.

Since then I have got more saddles and have become much wiser and have learned incredibly much of the horses and riders, I have been trying out saddles with - and of my own two horses, which constantly help me to test saddles before I put them in the bargain.

There is a lot of development in the saddle area at the moment, and I try to keep my finger on the pulse, and would also like to translate my experience into the ultimate saddle ...